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What's happening at The Life at Timber Ridge Apartments by Jaelyn Rodriguez

Happy November, everyone! The maintenance team and staff would like you to be aware of a few announcements and opportunities to ensure you're off to a safe, healthy, and positive month. Reminder that in-house unit inspections will continue through this month. Remember to remove any items covering doors, windows, or other areas that may hinder accessibility. Also, always be sure to pick up any of your trash and pet parents! Pet waste bags and containers are located in the office and social service center. With the cooler temperatures leisurely making their way to the city, it's essential to avoid using your oven as a heater and be mindful of the hour limitations on candle burning to ensure your safety. Furthermore, with the abundance of cooking bound to happen with the upcoming holiday season, please remember to steer clear of disposing of grease down your drains.

As the days between now and Thanksgiving wind down and you're planning your meals, we want to remind you about the upcoming turkey giveaway! There will be twenty-five meals with deliciously made sides you may win through a game of trivia. For all your other Thanksgiving meal necessities or worries, you may visit Perry McAfee at the resource center for goods from the community pantry or additional assistance, for whatever it may be.

We hope you have a lovely start to your November, and with the holiday season approaching, always remember to be kind to one another.

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